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FWM slow performance from SmartProvisioning or LSM Technical Level
  • During slow FWM performance, the $FWDIR/log/fwm.elg file on CMA level/ Security Management shows:
    FWM mainloop wasn't available for XX seconds. This may cause UI / Server slow down
    [FWM PID]@HOSTNAME [DATE TIME] Time consuming warning: fwm command 
    [provisioning_update_dvc_times] took X sec
  • fwm.elg may also shows: [0xe37d7d4d] [0xe3a2f3f3] [0xe38d716b]
  • Potentially, "Failed to connect to the Server" error is presented while trying to connect the CMA with SmartConsole.

SmartProvisioning commands are being called by LSM Add-ons, which are not supported in R80.10. In R80.20 and higher, an environment variable was added to improve the performance.

These calls consume CPU cycles and slow down the FWM process in general, triggering problems with regular FWM operation. The problem may occur when modifying or deleting objects in bulk.

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