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API requests randomly fail with "errorCode [CP_ERR_COULD_NOT_CONNECT_FWM] errorFamily [null] message [Unable to connect to server" in api.elg Technical Level
  • In the api.log from the time of the failed API login, the below error is presented:
    ERROR [qtp881660365-31] - Server has thrown GeneralRemoteFault exception errorCode [CP_ERR_COULD_NOT_CONNECT_FWM] errorFamily [null] message [Unable to connect to server.

  • No core dumps files from the relevant User Mode process can be found with the command:
    #ls -lrt /var/log/dump/usermode/*

  • The FWM process stat per #cpstat or #mdsstat (in Multi Domain Management environment), shows that the FWM is up and running.
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