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HTTPS traffic is inspected when it is configured to be bypassed Technical Level
  • HTTPS Inspection is configured to "Bypass" traffic, but eventually the traffic is inspected, while Probe Bypass is disabled (enhanced_ssl_inspection=0)
  • Running WSTLSD debug (sk105559) during the issue results in the following messages in $FWDIR/log/wstlsd.elg:

    The reply is too old
    Not expecting other replies for this level (1). Validation failed
    OCSP response time obsolete. Response considered unreliable.

    The OCSP reply shows:
    isReplyTimeRecent: nextUpdate (0) or thisUpdate (1546409382) not present, assuming information is always available


Parsing error occurred on the OCSP reply "nextUpdate" field causes a OCSP (CRL) validation failure.

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