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Policy verification fails after import of database from R77.x to R80.x Technical Level
  • After the user imports the database from R77.x to R80.x, policy verification fails with the following error messagse:

    "Internal error occurred during the verification process"
    "Policy verification failed".

  • The policy verification outputs show:
    :Uid ("{9E53AF84-2233-42A2-BC76-DD89AB6AE826}")
    :Name (CPID_60461760)
    :Table (shadow_objects)

    :Uid ("{50CB7B4E-47F5-4236-A8DF-9F101DFBC1E4}")
    :Name (CPID_10074846)
    :Table (shadow_objects)

    Services Uids: Failed to get attribute 'type'
    Failed to set services list
    Failed to get attribute 'Class'
    Failed to ExtractServicesFromApplication.
    Failed to convert Application attribute.
    Failed to convert application and action attributes.
    Failed to convert rules of layer Application
    Failed to convert all layers rules
    Failed to perform conversion by converter '{90CEC527-AC03-4192-A941-BA934E3E56C8}'.
    Verify error in call to convert GetByTagTAG_BASE_WITH_POLICY Policy name 'POLICYNAME'.
    Security Policy Verification Errors/Warnings:
    Internal error occurred during the verification process
    Policy verification failed.

The upgrade legacy services from R77.x, which are used by the application rules, were not replaced with the new R80.10 services.

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