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Missing logs / Query failed on SmartLog / Security Management environment with NAT Technical Level
  • Missing logs / Query failed on SmartLog / Security Management in a single Domain environment with NAT.
  • Connected to SmartLog from any device, not necessarily connected to the management, queries fail with "No log servers are available", or with a warning that some log servers are unavailable.
  • The Security Management has a check point host object with the management's NAT IP address. The dummy object does not have SIC, it was created in order to solve a NAT problem.

The log server configuration file may miss some log servers from the list.

This is due to the fact that log_indexer is failing to parse the object names because dbsync has created the objects without the management's name as a prefix. This happens because the published worksessions are arriving to dbsync from the dummy object's IP.

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