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Log_exporter process fails to start after initial configuration Technical Level
  • After running the initial configuration to set the syslog configuration and attempting the log_exporter service, PID cannot be found and "cp_log_export status" shows the process not running.

  • When starting the log_exporter manually from the directory where it is located (in Multi-Domain Management, this is the specific CMA) by running ./log_exporter -export targetConfiguration.xml, the operation fails while loading shared libraries: <name>

  • Running ldd $EXPORTERDIR/log_exporter shows the error library not found.


On R77.30, log_exporter, some libraries are dynamically loaded from the directory $EXPORTERDIR/lib
the command cp_log_export will copy the libraries to $EXPORTERDIR/lib on the first time it runs.
In rare cases the libraries are not copied corretly to the lib directory.
This occurs when the command cp has failed during the extraction of the package.

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