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"SmartLog is not Active" error message when opening "Logs and Monitor" view in SmartConsole Technical Level
  • When opening the "Logs and Monitor" view in SmartConsole, this message shows: "SmartLog is not Active" (Scenario 1 and 5).
  • The log file $SMARTLOGDIR/log/smartlog_server.elg shows this error:
    "FieldPermissions::FieldPermissions: Fatal Error: Bad fwset format in file: [conf/log_fields.C]" (Scenario 1).
  • These Logging configuration files: * smartlog_settings.txt * log_indexer_settings.conf * logServerConfig.xml contain the old IP address instead of the new, after database import (MDS backup/restore or MDS export/ import). (Scenario 2)
  • The log file $SMARTLOGDIR/log/smartlog_server.elg shows this error:
    CpmiConnections::Init: Server:[] name not resolved Login::Start: Authentication failure for user:[] with error:[] (Scenario 5)
  • Scenario 1
    There log_fields.C file is corrupted.

  • Scenario 2
    The dbsync did not manage to update the IP of the first clean server with the IP of the new database.

  • Scenario 3
    /var/log/opt/CPSmartLog-R<XX>/ is missing or does not exist
  • Scenario 4
    HTTPS inspection is intercepting the SSL negotiation between client, where Smart Console is running and the Management Server.

  • Scenario 5
    The server name in $SMARTLOGDIR/smartlog_settings.txt is not valid.

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