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CPSEMD stops working repeatedly after SmartEvent blade is enabled Technical Level
  • CPSEMD stops working repeatedly after the user enables SmartEvent blade.
  • cpsemd debug shows:
    [CPSEMD 20987 4076357568]@cp-fwmgmt01[2 May 12:16:33] registry_root_reload: Couldn't open registry file
    [CPSEMD 20987 4076357568]@cp-fwmgmt01[2 May 12:16:33] Unable to open Registry (/opt/CPshrd-R80/registry/! Fatal Error (rc=-14)!!
    [CPSEMD 20987 4064832400]@cp-fwmgmt01[2 May 12:16:33] opsec_send_datagram_e: SESSION ID:3 is sending DG_ID=3 DG_TYPE=0xe02(???)

The $FWDIR/conf/sem_jobs.C file is corrupted. 

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