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Private ThreatCloud Custom Indicators and STIX/TAXII support Technical Level

Custom indicators

Private ThreatCloud (PTC) supports custom indicators of the following types: hash/domain/url/ip 

Custom indicators can be added/deleted in the following ways:

  1. Over REST from the Private ThreatCloud appliance
  2. Via STIX/TAXII packages from the Download Agent


Adding a custom indicator

Send a POST message to the URL: http://<ptc ip>/ptcd/customIndicators/add

request body format:


"indicator":"1AC222A9B2720E3D6669993AB788BDDD ",

"protection_name": "evil hash",


"severity": 3


Removing a custom indicator:

Send a POST message to the URL: http://<ptc ip>/ptcd/customIndicators/delete

request body format:




list custom indicators:

To see the indicators that were downloaded to the PTC either manually or through STIX/TAXII, Send a GET message to the URL:

http://<ptc ip>/ptcd/customIndicators/getLatest

count of custom indicators:

To see the number of indicators that were downloaded to the PTC either manually or through STIX/TAXII, Send a GET message to the URL:

http://<ptc ip>/ptcd/customIndicators/count

view a specific indicator:

Send a POST message to the URL: http:///ptcd/customIndicators/get

request body format:





The following scripts demonstrate adding/removing indicators over REST:

add_indicator <indicator> <protection_name> [<confidence>] [<severity>]

del_indicator <indicator>

They are available on the Private ThreatCloud appliance



PTC supports indicators from STIX/TAXII servers. Once the Taxii configuration is complete, the TAXII server will be polled periodically for new STIX packages

Supported versions:
STIX: 1.0, 1.1.1, 1.2
TAXII: 1.1
TLS: V1.0. For higher TLS versions, please contact PTC RnD team (In the next engine update, TLSv1.2 will be supported)

There are two new utilities to handle STIX/TAXII behavior:

1) taxiiconf - STIX/TAXII configuration

2) taxiioper - STIX/TAXII operations



Taxii configuration is done by the following steps:

1. add a TAXII server

taxiiconf server add <taxi_server_name> <taxii_server_url> [psca12_keystore:password] [username password]

    for example:

       taxiiconf server add taxii-server-1 root 123456



    2. define a collection on the server

    taxiiconf collection add <server_id> <collection_name>

    for example:

    taxiiconf collection add 12 collection1

    3. attach the collection to a policy
    The policy dictates the collection's confidence. There are 3 default policies with id range 1-3
    taxiiconf col_pol add <collection_id> <policy_id>

      for example:

      taxiiconf col_pol add 9 2



      view configuration 

      you can use 'taxiiconf config' to view your current configuration: servers, collections and policies.

      In the last section – 'effective configuration' you can see a summary of all Taxii collections/servers that will be polled for IoCs.


      taxiioper load  - manully load a local STIX package

      taxiioper load local <package_path>

      taxiioper delete - delete a custom indicator

      taxiioper delete <indicator>

      taxiioper stats - shows statistics for all configured collections

      additional configuration:
      On R80.20, the following command needs to be run on the Download Agent:
      chown nobody:nobody /var/log/downloads

      This solution has been verified for the specific scenario, described by the combination of Product, Version and Symptoms. It may not work in other scenarios.

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