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Unable to delete an admin account or Discard / Publish disconnected sessions Technical Level
  • When trying to delete an admin via SmartConsole ('Permission & Administrator -> Administrators'), the following error is diplayed:

    XXXX has open sessions. Deleting this administrator will discard and disconnect all his sessions.

    If clicking "Discard & Delete", we get the following error::

    “An internal error has occurred”

  • Cannot Discard / Publish disconnected sessions ('Sessions -> View Sessions') and the following error is displayed:

    An internal error has occurred

  • In cpm.elg file, the following is seen:

    [Date/Time] ERROR infrastructure.logging.DefaultExceptionLoggerHandlerImpl [qtp-1058608691-574]: incident [0ac1837f-d920-4b8d-a5b9-10db356970eb]: CpmGeneralException{base=' Cannot login to a discarded session.', errorCode='CP_ERR_ILLEGAL_ARGUMENT', errorFamily='null', messageForUser='null', message='Cannot login to a discarded session.'}

  • When trying to delete an admin using mgmt_cli, the following error is displayed:

    code: "generic_err_object_deletion"
    message: "Administrator XXXX cannot be deleted while he has open sessions."

  • In api.elg, the following is seen (when trying to delete using mgmt_cli):

    [Date/Time] INFO [qtp-1583149493-30] - Cache created and initialized
    [Date/Time] INFO [qtp-1583149493-30] - Executing [delete-administrator] of version 1.1 (references 1)
    [Date/Time] ERROR [qtp-1583149493-30] - com.checkpoint.web_services.faults.ObjectDeletionRemoteFault: Administrator XXXX cannot be deleted while he has open sessions.


There is a session aggregator used without an open work session for that admin.

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