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Rule mismatch on SSL Inspection / HTTPS Inspection Technical Level
  • Rule mismatch on SSL inspection rule base and/or HTTPS Inspection rule base. When it is possible to match multiple rules, the incorrect rule's action could be enforced.
  • Sites not defined in bypass rule are being bypassed.

When the system checks the list of possible matches, it looks at the first element of the set of matched rules {2,3,4}, which in this case is rule 2, and sees if it has "any" in the category column, which it does.

The system then looks up the action of the matched rule (3), which in this case is the second element in the set of matched rules, and enforces that rule's action (BYPASS).

The system is making a matching decision based on one rule (in this case rule 2), but enforcing a different rule (in this case rule 3).

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