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Global Policy Assignment fails with "Task failed" error Technical Level
  • Global Assignment fails with message "Task failed:" with no detail, although SmartConsole/MDS is configured to enforce session detail:
    Multi-Domain -> Sessions -> Advanced -> Enforce session details -> All sessions must have a name and description

  • Rebooting the Multi-Domain Management temporarily resolves the failure.

  • when CPM fails to publish the session, the CPM debug shows:
    WARN coresvc.internal.WorkSessionMgmtSvcImpl [taskExecutor-18]: Work session must contain a name and description before publishing
    ERROR coresvc.internal.WorkSessionMgmtSvcImpl [taskExecutor-18]: Enforcement of session description failed
    ERROR dleserver.coresvc.UnattendedTask [taskExecutor-18]: publish failed
    internal Exception= CpmGeneralException
    {base='', errorCode='CP_ERR_UNSPECIFIED', 
    errorFamily='Publish cannot be performed without entering a session name and description.', messageForUser='null', message='null'}
  • Once the total number of worksessions in CPM reaches 100, no more worksessions can be created and the task fails. CPM debug will show the following:

    ERROR coresvc.internal.LoginSvcImpl [taskExecutor-5]: Number of occupied Object Store Session Entities for username CPM Server 
    and domainId a0eebc99-afed-4ef8-bb6d-fedfedfedfed ,exceeded it's limit (100). 
    Logins from remote clients will be prohibited!!!
    ERROR coresvc.internal.LoginSvcImpl [taskExecutor-5]: failed to login after domainSession was created, 
    log out domain session sMBZNkZoDEDBxzbotA58AkDdn7LxoUpPLxTaFWx5rgQ and client session

Global Assignment creates a CPM Server worksession to perform the task. The worksession has no description, so CPM fails to publish it. The session remains in CPM after Global Assignment completes. 

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