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CheckMe for Cloud Environment (AWS and Microsoft Azure) Technical Level

CheckMe is an instant security assessment tool that simulates attacks on the customer's environment and presents their exposure to vulnerabilities against advanced threats.

The purpose of this article is to guide you how to perform a CheckMe assessment on Cloud environments (AWS / Microsoft Azure), and how to expose risks such as Phishing, Zero Day, Bot Communication, Browser exploit, Anonymized Usage, Data Leakage and more.


    1. Login to

    2. Select the "Cloud" option:

    3. Select your cloud web service - AWS or Microsoft Azure.
      If you select Microsoft Azure, copy the presented UID.
    4. Fill your (user) details. Once you click the "Continue" button, you will be forwarded to the selected cloud web service.

      1. For AWS:

        1. Select the VPC and subnet with internet connection that you wish to assess with the CheckMe instance. The subnet may be external or internal, but must have HTTPS connectivity to the Internet.
        2. A CheckMe instance is created and it performs the assessment.
        3. The CheckMe assessment is completed and a report is sent to the user's email.

      2. For Microsoft Azure:

        1. Create a new resource group, and select the location.

        2. Network settings:
          1. Paste the UID.
          2. Select the virtual network that you wish to assess.
          3. Select the frontend subnet that you wish to assess.

        3. Setup is completed and the CheckMe assessment starts:

        4. The CheckMe assessment finishes and a report is sent to the user's email:

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