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Cannot launch CLM GUI from Multi-Domain Management GUI Technical Level
  • Cannot login to the CLM from MDS GUI – getting the Failed to Connect to server error.

  • The cpm.elg file on the primary MDS shows:

    [Date/Time] INFO coresvc.internal.SsoManagerImpl [qtp329726466-15165]: sending SSO request from domain uid a0eebc99-afed-4ef8-bb6d-fedfedfedfed to ip X.X.X.X

  • Smartconsole debug shows:

    [Date/Time] (ERROR) AppShellUI.ShellViewModel - Got invalid sso token
    AppShellUI.Commands.InvalidSsoTokenException: Exception of type 'AppShellUI.Commands.InvalidSsoTokenException' was thrown.
    at AppShellUI.Commands.LaunchAppShellRemoteCommand.a(AppShellUIa A_0)
    at AppShellUI.Commands.LaunchAppShellRemoteCommand.a(Object A_0)
    at AppShellUI.Commands.LaunchAppShellRemoteCommand.a.c()
    at System.Threading.Tasks.Task.InnerInvoke()
    at System.Threading.Tasks.Task.Execute()

  • The mds.elg file shows:

    [Date/Time] fwm_cpmi_greetings: got real peer address abcdefgh
    [Date/Time] fwm_cpmi_greetings: got peer address ijklmnp
    [Date/Time] Multi-Domain Server Client / Server versions mismatch
    [Date/Time] resolver_gethostbyaddr: Performing gethostbyaddr for X.X.X.X
    [Date/Time] fwm_log: Login failed from (null): Incompatible client version
    [Date/Time] Server error: Versions Mismatch
    [Date/Time] GenericCpmiInterface::bindCB
    [Date/Time] MdsCPMIInterface::m_bind_CB(host_name)
    [Date/Time] MdsCPMIInterface::m_bind_CB(host_name)> bad connection
    [Date/Time] GenericCpmiInterface::beforeSessionError - error(80041588)


Mismatch of version of and libCPMIClient on server and client.

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