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"You are disconnected, please login again" pop-up appears in SNX window Technical Level
  • The user connected successfully via SSL Network Extender using Chrome \ Firefox and gets a pop-up which says: "You are disconnected, please login again".
    Despite the message, the user remains connected. (This happens only when there is a proxy server, or a proxy script (pac) configured on the workstation.)
  • In general, this issue occurs when "Route all traffic to the Gateway" is defined.
  • Excluding the Mobile Access portal from the proxy configuration does not resolve the issue.
  • If wireshark is collected just when the pop-up is shown, an "403 Forbidden" response 3is received from the proxy's IP address.

Part of the Mobile Access Portal Agent's mechanism requires having access to "itself", meaning to the following address: https://localhost:14186/id

Since this request is forwarded to the Proxy instead, the proxy rejects it with the HTTP error shown above and the Mobile Access Portal Agent ends up not completing this request.

This is what triggers the pop-up "You are disconnected, please login again".

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