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VPN Configuration Utility for Endpoint Security VPN E80.71 (and above) Clients for Windows Technical Level


You can use the VPN Configuration Utility to edit Remote Access Clients' packages before distribution. This tool works with:

  • SmartEndpoint-managed Endpoint Security VPN
  • SmartConsole-managed Remote Access Clients

The VPN Configuration Utility gives you these options:

  • Replace the trac.config and trac.defaults files that users install as part of the client MSI:
    • The trac.config file includes VPN Site configuration
    • The trac.defaults file includes the default values for configuration attributes
  • Enable Secure Domain Logon
  • Enable using fixed MAC addresses for Office Mode IP addresses allocation
  • Choose which client type to install (SmartConsole-managed only)
  • Add SCV plug-ins
  • Add user files to the installation file New
  • Create a CAB installation file New

How to use the VPN Configuration Utility

To learn how to implement the above options, refer to the E80.71 Remote Access Clients Administration Guide.

Installation instructions

  1. Download the VPN Configuration Utility for Endpoint Security sk122574 zip file and extract VPNConfig.exe and features.xml to the same folder. 
  2. Double-click on VPNConfig.exe to start working with the tool.
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