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How to create a new service domain in Check Point Cloud SMP Technical Level

New method to create SMP Domain

In the Cloud SMP site, click on "New Domain Request" action and submit your request. The request will be handled within 3 working days


The new 1500 (or newer) series boxes now include a SMP license. No additional licenses or line SKU needed when placing an order.

Details needed to create a new Domain:

>Service Domain Name - The name of the Domain E.g CompanyABC-SMP
>Service Domain Administrator
  >First Name: 
  >Last Name: 
>User Center Account - Where the 15XX (or 2020 and newer models) are located. Doesn't create link to User Center but needed to verify legitimate requests.

Older method (obsolete)

To create a new portal (service domain) in Check Point Cloud SMP (Security Management Portal), follow the instructions below:

Make sure you have a valid Cloud Hosted SMP license in your UserCenter account.

Cloud Hosted SMP license is one of the following SKUs: 



If you do not have such a license, contact your Distributor, Partner or Check Point Sales to purchase it.  

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