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Post upgrade to R80.x, the "Log Servers" tab or several log servers are missing under the Logs & Monitor section of the Domain Console Technical Level
  • Post upgrade of Multi-Domain Management and Multi-Domain Management Log server to R80.x, the "Log Servers" tab or several log servers are missing under the "Logs & Monitor" left pane section of the Domain or Multi-Domain Management Console.
  • When the user opens the CLM dashboard directly by right clicking on the CLM and choosing "Connect to Domain server," the problem does not occur and the "Log Servers" tab lists all the log servers.
  • Running the following query in the MDM shows that the CLM is hosted by the correct MDL: "hosted_by_mds" : "psql_client cpm postgres -c "select fwset from dleobjectderef_data where cpmitable='sem_network_objects' and name ilike '%' and deleted='f' and dlesession='0';"
  • The “$MDSDIR/scripts/mds_fix_cmas_clms_version -c ALL” script was successfully initiated in all R80.x MDMs and MDLs after the upgrade and the services were restarted "mdsstop;mdsstart".
  • The connected GUI user is a Super-User Admin.
  • Install Database was initiated in the relevant CMA.
  • Running SCConfigManager.exe with debug level 5 during replication (open the domain console) shows that the query "Query results of all indexing log servers:" retrieved only the CMA IP addresses, not the CLM IP addresses. Running the same debug while opening the CLM Dashboard directly shows that all log servers' (CLMs) IP addresses were retrieved under this query.

The changes implemented by the "$MDSDIR/scripts/mds_fix_cmas_clms_version -c ALL" script were not fully updated in the DBsync table.

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