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Contracts show as expired for URL Filtering , Application Control and/or IPS blades on a particular VS instance Technical Level
  • SmartView Monitor shows the following for URL Filtering and/or Application Control:

    Subscription Status: Expired,
    Subscription Expiration: null

  • The cpstat urlf -f subscription_status command run within the problematic VS instance shows contract expired.
  • The cpstat urlf -f update_status command run within the problematic VS instance shows:

    Update status: failed
    Update description: Update failed. Gateway can not access internet... Check connectivity and proxy settings.
    Next update description: The next try will be within one hour.

  • cplic print and SmartUpdate confirm that contracts are valid on the Security Management station and on Security Gateway(s).
  • The instructions in sk83520 were already followed; connectivity from both the VS0 and the problematic VS instance to Check Point servers is working correctly.

The URL Filtering and/or Application Control blades are not enabled on VS0.

Even though the Application Control and URL Filtering R77 Versions Administration Guide states, in the chapter entitled "Using Application and URL Filtering with VSX," that these blades do not have to be enabled on the VSX Gateway (VS0), this statement does not apply to contract validation purposes.

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