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Security Management / Multi-Domain Management server OS backup fails Technical Level
  • backup command fails with the following error:
    [Expert@:0]# backup
    Are you sure you want to proceed (y/n) [y]? y
    Creating backup package...
    -rc=-10  line=180
    sh: line 7: [: too many arguments
  • backup debug showing the following errors:
    [DATE TIME]: Info: 'generic_backup': Executing &1>
    [DATE TIME]: Info: 'generic_backup': Execution Failed.
    [DATE TIME]: Info: 'change_to_root_dir': Changing to directory /var/tmp
    [DATE TIME]: Cannot complete the backup process due to package compression errors.
    [DATE TIME]: Info: 'unlock': Removing ..

  • Running the same failed command from the logs, using the full path, completes the backup. The syntax would be similar to the following:

    tar -C / -zcvf /var/log/CPbackup/backups/backup_mdms.com_28_Sep_2017_07_35.tgz --ignore-failed-read -T /tmp/temp_tar_include_7269.txt -X /tmp/temp_tar_exclude_7269.txt

  1. In some case the new /bin/tar version (TAR 1.26) is caussing issues.


  2. There is not enough space under the /var/log partition. 

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