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How to start a Trial of Check Point PRO support? Technical Level


Check Point PRO Support combines security expertise and machine intelligence to monitor your management and security gateways daily and identify points of failure before they occur.

When a severe issue is detected, a Check Point PRO expert proactively contacts you to help resolve the issue and prevent service downtime. Check Point PRO also provides you with a comprehensive report, delivering an overview of your overall security, diagnostics and actionable insights.

Start a Free 60-day Trial

There are two ways to start a free trial and/or have a demonstration of Pro Support.

  1. Fill in the form and Request a Free Trial
  2. Fill in your account information on our Product Evaluation page
    1. Ensure your devices are configured to report to Check Point. Refer to sk120332 - How and what information is shared with Check Point PRO?
    2. From the User Center, click the "learn" heading and select "Product Evaluation"
    3. Select "Other Evaluation Option"
    4. Choose "Check Point PRO Evaluation" from the drop down list of available products
    5. Enter the appropriate UC Account information
    6. Input an email for the final instructions.


    • In direct support scenarios, the contact must be an administrator or support contact.
    • In collaborative support scenarios, the contact must be a partner contact


    Once the trial has started, you can view your weekly reports:

    From the 'User Center > Support Services > Check Point PRO report'.

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