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Smart-1 525 , 5050 and 5150

Table of Contents

  • Overview
  • Key Features
  • Downloads
  • Enhancements
  • Documentation
  • Known Limitations
  • Revision History

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Smart-1 525 , 5050 and 5150 Appliances Overview

Smart-1 platforms welcome the 5th generation of Cyber Security by doubling management capacity and boosting performance, increasing security efficiency. Engineered to handle the toughest of Cyber Security conditions, it allows you to mitigate risks and scale with ease. Our Smart-1 appliances are optimized for high-performance gateways from mid to large size enterprise security networks.

Empowering Check Point Infinity architecture, the new Smart-1 Management appliances deliver consolidation and security across any network, cloud and mobile environment with full threat visibility and control.

The new Smart-1 appliances of the 5th generation are the gold standard platform for consolidated Security Management including policy, logs and events in a single box. The Smart-1 525, Smart-1 5050 and Smart-1 5150 appliances feature up to 8x the performance boost and doubling capacity compared to their predecessors Smart-1 225, Smart-1 3050, and Smart-1 3150 appliances.

For more information, see the Smart-1 Product Page.

Key Features

  • Up to 2x log collection with up to 100k logs/sec ingestion leading the industry with instantaneous search results
  • Up to 5x faster policy installation
  • Up to 8x faster report generation
  • Hardened and optimized HW and OS with the latest Gaia R80.10
  • Modular platform supporting up to 24 cores, 256GB RAM and 48TB of storage for any deployment
  • Complete feature and tool set including full Threat visibility, best practices and compliance, work flow, Multi-Domain management and automation
  • Wide variety of storage and network interfaces, including copper & fiber 1GbE and 10GbE interfaces
  • Manage up to 25, 50, and 150+ Security Gateways with Smart-1 525 / 5050 / 5150 respectively


Smart-1 525 , 5050 and 5150 Downloads

Note: To download this package you will need to have a Software Subscription or Active Support plan.

Download Package Link
Check Point R80.30 Security Management Clean Installation Image  see sk144293
Check Point R80.20 Security Management Clean Installation Image see sk122485
Check Point R80.10 Image for Smart-1 525, 5050 and 5150 Appliances (ISO)
  • Minimal R80.10 Jumbo HFA Take that can be installed on Smart-1 525, 5050 and 5150 Appliances is Take 85.
    For more information, refer to sk116380.
  • Multi-Domain Management Server and Multi-Domain Log Server can be installed only on Smart-1 5050 and 5150.



ID Description
For improved policy installation performance when installing policy on multiple targets, install the R80.10 Jumbo Hotfix Accumulator Take 85 and higher.
PMTR-3681 For an improved indexing rate of R80.10 logs, install the R80.10 Jumbo Hotfix Accumulator Take 85 and higher.


Smart-1 525 , 5050 and 5150 Documentation

Quick Start Guides
Smart-1 525/5050/5150 Getting Started Guide (English)
Smart-1 525/5050/5150 Getting Started Guide (Spanish)
Smart-1 525/5050/5150 Getting Started Guide (Russian)
Smart-1 525 Quick Start Guide
Smart-1 5050 Quick Start Guide
Smart-1 5150 Quick Start Guide
Installation Guides
Smart-1 525/5050 Installing the Telescoping Rails
Smart-1 5150 Installing the Telescoping Rails 
Smart-1 525/5050/5150 Installing and Removing Storage Devices 
Smart-1 525/5050/5150 Installing and Removing Line Cards
Smart-1 525/5050/5150 Installing and Removing Memory 
Smart-1 525/5050/5150 Installing and Removing AC PSU 
Smart-1 5050/5150 Installing and Removing DC PSU 
Administration Documentation
Smart-1 525/5050/5150 RAID Administration Guide
Smart-1 525/5050/5150 Appliances Replacing Transceivers
Additional Documentation
R80.10 Installation and Upgrade Guide for Gaia


Known Limitations

ID Symptoms
GAIA-1274 Post-installation reboot is stuck while the ISOmorphic USB is still plugged in and OS cannot be loaded.
  • Workaround: remove the USB and reboot the machine
MGMTAPP-94 CD/DVD installation is not supported.
GAIA-1222 For Smart-1 5050 / 5150 warm reboot using the Ctrl+C keystroke is required to complete RAID synchronization.
LOM and SAN are not supported.

Revision History

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Date Description
23 May 2019 Added reference to R80.30
01 Jan 2019 Added link to R80.20 Security Management Clean Installation Image
11 Oct 2018 Added Smart-1 525/5050/5150 Getting Started Guides in Spanish and Russian
12 Jul 2018 Added GAIA-1004 and MGMTAPP-123 to Known Limitations
13 Mar 2018 Added the Enhancements section
15 Feb 2018 First release of this article

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