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Sometimes mail addresses are truncated when sending one-time password for DynamicID Technical Level
  • Sometimes mail addresses are truncated when sending the one-time password for DynamicID. (DynamicID email address beginning or ending in "t" or "n" has that character removed.)
  • In CVPND logs, see the following:
    [27119][23 Jan 13:32:43][AsyncCurl] translate_easy_code - from (check_completed_transfers) returns (CURLE_SEND_ERROR)
    [27119][23 Jan 13:32:43][AsyncCurl] set_params_for_callback - entering
    [27119][23 Jan 13:32:43][AsyncCurl] set_params_for_callback - Warning: (0x98263b0) finished with result code (-5) - (RCPT failed: 550)
    [27119][23 Jan 13:32:43][AsyncCurl] end_sending - entering for ctx 0x98263b0
    [27119][23 Jan 13:32:43][AsyncCurl] end_sending found env 0x8c06658
    [27119][23 Jan 13:32:43][AsyncCurl] end_sending - calling callback 0x75f8fc00 with opaque 0x942bea0 and rc -5
    [27119][23 Jan 13:32:43][AU] --> s_handleSenderResponse
    [27119][23 Jan 13:32:43][AU] s_handleSenderResponse: DynamicIDSession (942bea0) state 100 rc_code - -5
    [27119][23 Jan 13:32:43][AU] DynamicIDSession::setState new_state -103 client_code 55 server_code 550 log_msg RCPT failed: 550
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