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VRRP cluster members are in "Backup/Backup" state Technical Level
  • Output of Gaia Clish command "show vrrp" displays both VRRP cluster members in "Backup" state.

  • Traffic capture of VRRP traffic ("tcpdump proto 112") does not shows any VRRP packets on any of the configured VRRP interfaces.


Cluster membership is disabled on VRRP cluster members.

To confirm:

  1. Run the cpconfig command on each VRRP cluster member.

  2. If the option is displayed as "Enable cluster membership for this gateway", then this is indeed the root cause.

    Example output:

    [Expert@VRRP_1:0]# cpconfig  
    This program will let you re-configure your Check Point products configuration.
      Configuration Options:
    (1) Licenses and contracts
    (2) SNMP Extension
    (3) PKCS#11 Token
    (4) Random Pool
    (5) Secure Internal Communication
    (6) Enable cluster membership for this gateway
    (7) Disable Check Point SecureXL
    (8) Check Point CoreXL
    (9) Automatic start of Check Point Products
    (10) Exit
    Enter your choice (1-10) :

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