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How to disable and remove Kaspersky Labs components from Check Point Endpoint Anti-Malware Blade Technical Level

"Anti-Malware" Blade in Check Point Endpoint Security Client utilizes components of 3rd party vendor.

Customers may want to disable 3rd party code used by "Anti-Malware" Blade in Check Point Endpoint Security Client.

In order to avoid installation and/or execution of the 3rd party code in the "Anti-Malware" Blade, exclude the "Anti-Malware" Blade from deployment on the desired machines:

  1. In SmartEndpoint GUI, go to the "Deployment" tab.
  2. In the left upper section, click on the "Software Deployment Rules".
  3. In the "Actions" column of the relevant rule(s), click on the "Selected blades" drop-down menu.
  4. Uncheck the "Anti-Malware" blade.
  5. Install Policy.

When deployment methods other than Endpoint Software Deployment are used, and for information on how to exclude Anti-Malware Blade, refer to the relevant Endpoint Security Clients for Windows User Guide / Administration Guide - "Deploying Endpoint Security Clients" section.

Note: The majority of non-Check Point Anti-Virus solutions are fully interoperable with the Check Point Endpoint Security Compliance Blade and with SandBlast Agent.


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