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"Error:'get_xml_val': cannot find XML:nil" in /var/log/CPbackup.elg file Technical Level
  • /var/log/CPbackup.elg file shows the following errors, although backup was created successfully:

    ... ...
    [Date Time]: INFO: reading configuration file /var/CPbackup/schemes/cvpn.cpbak...
    [Date Time]: Error:'get_xml_val': cannot find XML:nil
    [Date Time]: Error : 'xml_text_to_hash': Failed to read <nil> from content buffer
    [Date Time]: INFO: read configuration file /var/CPbackup/schemes/cvpn.cpbak status: OK
    ... ...

Incorrect syntax in the /var/CPbackup/schemes/cvpn.cpbak file on R77.20 and R77.30

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