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Policy installation / fetch fails on Centrally Managed 1400 appliance Technical Level
  • Policy installation on centrally managed 1400 SMB appliance fail.
  • Policy installation succeeds if disabling the IPS Blade.
  • Policy push still fails after applying sk105217 - "Commit function failed" error on policy installation failure on 1100 or Series 80 appliance.
  • Running the command: # fw -d fetchlocal -d $FWDIR/state/__tmp/FW1/
    The following messages are shown:
    Failed to Load Security Policy: Invalid argument
    [PID]@GW[DATE TIME] sfw_load: FW-1 kernel returned an error.
    ... [PID]@GW[DATE TIME] sfw_load: Error loading security policy

kernel memory allocation failure during the policy installation.

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