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Source Hide NAT is performed even though a no-NAT rule is configured Technical Level
  • Traffic captures (fw monitor) show that the source IP address is translated to one of the Physical IPs of the Security Gateway even if there is a no-NAT rule configured.
  • Traffic arrives to next-hop with the NATed IP address.
  • Changing the NAT method of the "Original Packet" rule to "Static-NAT" instead of "Hide-NAT" resolves the issue.

By design, the Security Gateway default value of no-NAT rule should be Static-NAT.

However, in R80 and R80.10 Security Management Server, users can change the NAT method of "Original packet" to hide-NAT, which can cause the Security Gateway to perform NAT on the Source-IP configured in this particular rule even if there is a no-NAT rule configured. 

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