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Security Management Portal R12.30 for SMB, Branch Office and Ruggedized Appliances Technical Level

Table of Contents

  • Introduction to SMP R12.30
  • What's New in SMP R12.30
  • SMP R12.30 Known Limitations
  • SMP R12.30 Downloads
  • SMP R12.30 Documentation


Introduction to SMP R12.30

The SMP (Security Management Portal) is a web-based management solution for easily managing for Small and Medium Business Appliances (600 and 700), Branch Office Appliances (1100 and 1400), and Ruggedized Appliances (1200R). It allows the user to configure, monitor and provide services to thousands of SMB customers.

For more information, see the R12.30 Security Management Portal Release Notes and R12.30 Security Management Portal Installation Guide

You can also visit Check Point CheckMates Community and the SMB Forum to ask questions or start a discussion and get our experts assistance.


What's New in SMP R12.30

Manage Firewall Access Policy from the SMP

  • Configure rules for outgoing, incoming, internal and VPN traffic for gateway or plan.
    Note: Managing Firewall Access Policy from the SMP requires firmware upgrade, refer to sk118035

VPN Community Enhancements

  • Allow a gateway to participate in multiple VPN communities.
  • Support routing traffic to other satellites through the center.
  • Support routing traffic to the internet through an externally managed center.

SandBlast Zero-day Protection Threat Emulation

  • Threat Emulation analyzes potentially malicious files, stopping dangerous attacks before malware has an opportunity to deploy.
  • SandBlast Threat Emulation uses OS-level inspection to examine a broad range of file types, including executables and data files.
  • Files are inspected in a virtual sandbox to discover malicious behavior and suspect files are blocked before they enter your network.


    SMP R12.30 Known Limitations

    ID Symptoms
     SMP-1036 When you delete a gateway from one community to resolve a concurrent VPN communities Topology Error, the other community may still report the error until it is explicitly saved or Generate Topology is being run.
    SMP-1280 When a Security Gateway that is locked to a plan is added to a community or removed from it, the Security Gateway is automatically unlocked from the plan in the community configuration and no longer appears in the plan communities. 
    SMP-1279 To remove or replace a center gateway from a community, you must go to the Communities page, select the community and VPN settings, and edit the Center Gateway.
    You cannot replace or remove the center gateway from the Gateway page. 
    SMP-1494 When installing the SMP, object names (SMP Windows server name, SMTP server) must begin with a letter of the alphabet. 

    SMP R12.30 Downloads

    SMP R12.30 is available in Check Point cloud. Refer to SMP Portal

    • To create a new account in the SMP portal, refer to sk122259.

    • On-premise SMP installation is not recommended for small environment. Check Point recommends such customers to manage their gateway in Check Point Cloud SMP.

    • To support on-premise SMP in large environments, contact Check Point Sales or your account manager.


    SMP R12.30 Documentation

    Security Management Portal R12.30 Installation Guide
    R12.30 Security Management Portal Release Notes
    R12.30 Security Management Portal Administration Guide
    R12.30 API Guide

    In addition, see sk110216 - Security Management Portal (SMP) active ports.

    This solution is about products that are no longer supported and it will not be updated

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