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Enterprise Endpoint Security E80.70 Client Known Limitations Technical Level

This article lists all of the known limitations of Enterprise Endpoint Security E80.70.

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Table of Contents

  • Endpoint Security E80.70 Clients for Windows
    • Firewall
    • Anti-Malware
    • Media Encryption
    • Full Disk Encryption
    • Compliance
    • Capsule Docs
    • SandBlast Agent
    • Remote Access VPN E80.70 Clients

Endpoint Security E80.70 Clients for Windows

ID Description
02483179 Excessive logs might be created, if according to policy, IPv6 traffic should be logged.
02488432 Anti-Malware updates from the Endpoint Management Server will only work with R77.30.02 or later versions.
Media Encryption

In rare cases the upgrade of Media Encryption fails on Windows 7. When this occurs, the software upgrade continues to try, but all attempts fail until the computer is restarted.

Workaround: Restart the computer and the upgrade will finish.


When using Windows Explorer to cut and paste files to a USB device protected with Media Encryption, files are not deleted after they are copied to the USB device. Instead the file remains in the source folder.

Workaround: Delete the file manually after it has been copied to the USB device.

Full Disk Encryption

In Windows 7 and Windows 8.x, for users that use Smart Card authentication, single sign on (SSO) after hibernation (both in the preboot and in Windows) does not work correctly. The user must enter the PIN for the Smart Card or Token in Windows after the hibernated session has been started.

02494688 In the Compliance Blade Policy, the "File is not older than" is not supported when "Check file properties" is disabled.
Capsule Docs
02473873 Screen capture enforcement is not supported in Office 2010 64-bit, Office 2013 and higher.
02487937 Protected documents cannot be uploaded to Adobe Document Cloud.
  Protected documents from Adobe DC Cloud storage cannot be opened.
SandBlast Agent
02524725 Zero-Phishing logs have the action Detect instead of Prevent.
02522863 There is a long delay in emulation for files downloaded with Mozilla Firefox.
02526247 When a file is extracted on a Threat Emulation appliance that uses the Internet Explorer SandBlast Browser Extension, the file does not download to the user's computer.
02522887 There is no Emulation Report for files downloaded with Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox.
02515394 When using a Threat Emulation appliance, there are no screenshots in Emulation Reports.
02529246 .EXE Files with certificate excluded from remediation are still quarantined.
  SNX is not compatible for SandBlast Agent Anti Bot or Forensics blades


Remote Access VPN E80.70 Clients 

Note: Limitations for Remote Access VPN Client when working with a Security Gateway that supports Multiple Login options (R80.10 and above)

ID Description
02508782 To work with a SecurID athentication method (KeyFob, PinPad, or SoftID), select 'Any' in the authentication type on the Security Gateway and not the specific type. Selecting a specific type might cause issues with authentication if the Administrator later changes to a different SecurID type.

The following limitations exist in the client command-line interface (CLI):

  • When creating a site from CLI, the default Login Option that is configured on the Security Gateway will be chosen.
  • When creating a site from CLI, and when only legacy Login Option is configured on the Security Gateway, the authentication method for this site will be username-password. The administrator can explicitly define the authentication methods in the create site command by using '-a' parameter.
  • Cannot connect from CLI with Login Option that has multiple authentication factors configured. "unsupported notification id" message will be displayed
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