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Unable to use SSL Network Extender (SNX), Secure Workspace and Endpoint Compliance scanner in Firefox Technical Level
  • When users attempt to launch SSL Network Extender (Network or Application mode), it is stuck in 'Initializing' state, or a "Java is unavailable" error is displayed.

  • When users attempt to launch Secure Workspace, it is stuck in 'Loading' state, or the following error is displayed:

    "This software requires Sun Java to be installed and enabled.If you are prompted to confirm the use of Java, make sure that you select 'Always' in the Confirmation message. You might need to restart your browser before attempting to connect again".

  • "Java applets are disabled on your browser, or Sun JVM is not installed." error is displayed on Endpoint Compliance scanner failure.

NPAPI (Netscape Plug-in API) is a cross-platform plugin architecture used by many web browsers, also serving the Check Point Deployment Agent that is used to deploy SSL Network Extender, Secure Workspace and the Compliance Scanner.

On March 7th 2017, Firefox build 52 was released, removing support for Netscape Plugin API (NPAPI).


Refer to sk113410 - Mobile Access Portal and Java Compatibility - New Mobile Access Deployment Agent technology that outlines Check Point's plan to deliver a new Mobile Access Deployment Agent technology.

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