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Orchestrated Rollout of LSM Centrally Managed 1100/1200R/1400 SMB Appliances - Demo Kit Technical Level


Large scale deployment of SMB appliances managed by SmartProvisioning requires a technical person who knows how to configure the appliance on site (this should be done manually for each appliance on deployment time).

This article demonstrates how to orchestrate large scale deployment of SMB appliances using existing API and tools automatically.

Refer to sk116375 for information about the Zero Touch portal.



One Time Tasks

The following should be done manually:

  • In Smart Dashboard: Create LSM Profile (Network Topology, Cluster Members, NAT etc.)
    In Zero Touch Portal: Create Configuration Template (Wireless Country, Time Zone, NTP Server etc.)

For Each Gateway  

The following is performed automatically by orchestration scripts:

  • In Smart Provisioning: LSM object creating
    In Zero Touch Portal: Claiming gateway, assigning template and adding specific gateway configuration


Documentation and Downloads

The Demo kit includes the following files:

Zero Touch Administration Guide
ZeroTouch REST API Guide
Orchestrated Rollout Demo Guide - Tutorial
Orchestrated Rollout Demo Kit (LSMcli executable, scripts, data files)
This solution is about products that are no longer supported and it will not be updated

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