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Data Center Security Appliances R76SP.50 Technical Level

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What's New in 60000/40000 Security Platforms R76SP.50

Introducing new appliances - 64000 and 44000 - the world's fastest Threat Prevention platforms. The carrier-class Next Generation Threat Prevention and Firewall solutions provide the security you need today and into the future. Already supporting fast networking connectivity, such as 40 GbE and 100 GbE, the 64000 and 44000 appliances can be integrated with new and advanced solutions - either on-premises, or in the cloud. These scalable platforms enable you to continue growing your business, so when traffic volume or security requirements increase, you can easily scale up the system capacity. Welcome to the future of cyber security!


  • New appliances - 64000 and 44000.
  • New 7 slots / 6U 44000 successor chassis. It supports up to 6 SGMs.
  • New SGM400 with updated hardware. 56 threads, 28 cores (HT) and 40GbE interfaces to the back-plane.
  • New SSM440 introduces 100GbE connectivity and an improved port density.
  • Serial Over LAN - provides access to SGM400 serial console over the internal chassis network.


  • Optimized traffic distribution between the SGMs.
  • Calculation of the source port for user distribution, and the destination port for networking distribution on the SSM. This minimizes the number of corrections.
  • Added the source port to the CoreXL calculation, which optimizes new connections allocation to different CPU cores.
  • Enhanced the use of the CPU cores on a single SGM.

Image Cloning

  • Extended functionality of Single Management Object (SMO) and configuration propagation.
  • Support for synchronization of software (binaries and libraries).
  • Easier than ever to scale-up. Add new SGMs or replace SGMs if there is a hardware failure.


  • Improved user experience with updated specific commands for scalable platform.
  • Same workflow, look and feel as unified Check Point commands.


  • CPView utility is a text based, built-in utility (the cpview command) that is now available on scalable platforms:

    • Shows statistical data to monitor the machine performance.
    • Shows general system information, such as CPU, memory and disk space.
    • Data is updated continuously in easy to access views.

Multiple Security Groups

  • Enables Check Point chassis users to consolidate separate Security Gateway and VSX installations on the same chassis, as each Security Group is comprised of a subset of SGMs.
  • Segregation of compute resources (SGMs) is enforced between Security Groups while sharing other peripheral resources, e.g., the chassis, power supplies, CMM, fans, and connectivity (SSMs and transceivers).
  • Use different policies, configurations, and even software versions on different Security Groups, as each Security Group is treated as a separate object on SmartDashboard and runs its own Single Management Object (SMO).


Software Subscription or Active Support plan is required to download these packages.

Package Link
Clean Install (ISO)
Upgrade (TGZ)

Package Link
Clean Install for Multiple Security Groups* (ISO)

   * Only JHF Take 161 and above is supported.

Installation instructions

Refer to 60000/40000 Security Platforms R76SP.50 Upgrade Guide.




Revision History

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Date Description
20 Feb 2019
  • Added new features for Multiple Security Groups. 
23 Aug 2017
  • Updated link to the Known Limitations article 
06 July 2017
  • "Documentation" section - added link to sk118435
12 May 2017
  • "Documentation" section - added link to sk111405
02 May 2017
  • "What's New" section - added "Serial Over LAN"
30 Apr 2017
  • "Downloads" section - added links to the R76SP.50 software packages
  • "What's New" section - removed the following item from the CPView description:
    "Provides information about the performance of the software blades"
23 Apr 2017
  • First release of this document.
This solution is about products that are no longer supported and it will not be updated

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