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Check Point Capsule Docs E80.71 Mac Standalone Client Technical Level

Table of Contents:

  • What's New
  • Downloads
  • Known Limitations
  • Documentation and Related SecureKnowledge Articles
  • Revision History
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What's New

The new E80.71 Capsule Docs standalone client for Mac allows you to read, create, and edit protected documents in Capsule Docs supported Mac applications.
Key Features
  • Editing capabilities for protected documents.
  • Changing the document protection settings on Mac .
  • Office 2016 support.
  • Document Expiration support.
  • Offline work support.
  • Support for macOS High Sierra (10.13)


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Note: In order to download some of the packages you will need to have a Software Subscription or Active Support plan.

Package Link
E80.71 Capsule Docs Standalone Client for Mac (DMG)

Known Limitations

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ID Description
02435844 If you delete a Classification on the Capsule Docs server, files that were protected with this classification do not show an icon for the classification.
02435177 There is no difference between Internal and External users in the Capsule Docs Mac client UI. Permissions are enforced correctly.
02163704 A file that was opened by a double-click can be deleted while it is open. If it is deleted, you cannot restore protection for the file while it is in the Trash folder. Workaround: Restore the file from the Trash folder and then restore the Capsule Docs Protection Settings.
02432613 When opening a network share, it takes time until the Finder identifies the protected documents. If you open a protected document before the Finder identifies it, it opens a friendly file that says: "This document is protected by Check Point Capsule Docs" with a link to download the client.
02450058 If you open a protected file from Outlook and select Save As to save the document to a folder, the document opens an "Unidentified developer" message the next time it is opened.
Workaround: Right-click the document to open it instead of using a double-click.
02450079 If you select Save As to save a document to a specific folder on the computer, all protected documents in the folder lose their association to Capsule Docs.
Workaround: Close the folder and open it again to restore the Capsule Docs settings.
02430836 When restarting the Mac computer while protected files are open, after the restart, the files are not protected. You can protect the files again manually.
02163708 If you eject a USB device without properly unmounting it, it causes protected files on the USB device to not be associated with Capsule Docs when it is mounted again.
02573575 When right-clicking on a protected file (Word, PowerPoint,Excel, or PDF) in the "All My Files" folder, the right-click menu does not show.
02445402 Changing the protection settings of an open document is not supported and can lead to unexpected behavior.

After a reboot of the computer, it may take a few seconds for Capsule Docs finder extension to be loaded. Opening the file before it is loaded may result in a "Friendly File" that says: "This document is protected by Check Point Capsule Docs" with a link to download the client.

Re-opening the file once extension is loaded will solve this issue.

EPS-11447 When opening the Capsule Docs menu on Mac, your default community might not be the community presented in the Menu.
EPS-11429 Capsule Docs client fails to open protected Office 2003 formats protected on Mac machines.
EPS-11452 The user needs to re-login to Capsule Docs Server after upgrading from Capsule Docs Alpha Client.

Documentation and Related SecureKnowledge Articles

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Platform Document
Mac E80.71 Capsule Docs Mac Client User Guide

You can also visit our Endpoint forum, Remote Access forum, Capsule Docs forum, or any other CHECKMATES forum to ask questions and get answers from technical peers and Support experts.

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For E80.71 releases for Windows: Refer to sk119676 - Enterprise Endpoint Security E80.71 Windows Clients

Revision History

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Date Description
18 Dec 2017 First release of this document.

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