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RouteD support for OSPF LSA of Type 10 and Type 11 Technical Level
  • RouteD daemon crashes upon receiving OSPF LSA of Type 10 and Type 11.

  • Output of Gaia Clish command "show ospf neighbors" on Check Point Security Gateway shows the OSPF peers in a "Loading" state, while at the same time, the OSPF peers show Full OSPF Adjacency with Check Point Security Gateway.

  • RouteD daemon traces (per sk84520) show messages like this in the /var/log/routed.log:
    OSPF IO: Malformed 10 LSA from neighbor X.X.X.X(eth<N>)


RouteD daemon does not support OSPF LSA of Type 10 and Type 11 (refer to RFC 5250).

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