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"Authentication failed" error presented when user tries to connect to site using SNX CLI mode in Linux OS Technical Level
  • "Authentication failed" error is presented when user tries to connect to a site using SNX CLI mode in Linux OS.
  • In SmartView Tracker, the login failure reason is "Failed to decrypt password".
  • In CVPND.elg, the following errors are presented:
    [ 6934][14 Dec 11:45:35][RSA] [CVPN_ERROR] Cvpn::RSAKeyPair::decryptStr: Failed to decrypt string (clearStringLen: -100)
    [ 6934][14 Dec 11:45:35][SESSION] [CVPN_ERROR] Cvpn::CvpnSessionManager::decryptPassword: Failed to decrypt a password
    [ 6934][14 Dec 11:45:35][CVPND] [CVPN_ERROR] Cvpn::CvpndMain::handleNewSessionRequest: Failed to decrypt password
    [ 6934][14 Dec 11:45:35][CVPND] [CVPN_INFO] Cvpn::CvpndMain::authenticationFailure: Called with result: -1, failureReason: 'Failed to decrypt password'

The customer is using an unsupported SNX build for Linux CLI connection (not SNX build 800007075).

The SNX version on the gateway side can be verified in the following location: /opt/CPcvpn-R77/htdocs/SNX/CSHELL/snx_ver.txt

The SNX version on the Linux client can be verified by the following terminal command (without quotation marks): 'snx ver'

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