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Wrong routing decision for routes learnt via RIM and redistributed into OSPF while using MEP Technical Level
  • VPN MEP Security Gateways redistribute the RIM routes into OSPF.

  • The OSPF database on these VPN MEP Security Gateways contains duplicate entries for the same RIM route that comes from both MEP Security Gateways.


    HostName> show ospf database
    Link ID           ADV Router           Age    Seq Num      Checksum   Tag          1416   0x8000007e    0x614f    0x00000000          1409   0x80000488    0x3d3a    0x00000000
  • Changing the primary MEP Security Gateway for the VPN peer and installing the security policy resolves the issue.


Mishandling of OSPF LSA.

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