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"An error has occurred while extracting file" message in Threat Extraction log when processing an attached image file Technical Level
  • Log from Threat Extraction blade shows:

    The File 'xxx' sent from Alias1@Domain1 to Alias2@Domain2 was bypassed by the Threat Extraction policy

    Threat Extraction ActivityAn error has occurred while extracting file
    Protection NamePotential malicious content extracted
    Protection TypeContent Removal

    Example (Threat Extraction Profile is set to "Allow" corrupted files):


Threat Extraction might print incorrect log message if the image file that was attached to an e-mail was corrupted.

Note: Whether to "Allow" or "Block" corrupted files in the attachment is controlled by the Threat Prevention Profile assigned to the Security Gateway (in SmartDashboard, go to "Threat Prevention" tab - in the left upper pane, click on "Profiles" - edit the relevant profile - expand the "Threat Extraction" pane - click on "Advanced" - refer to the "Threat Extraction Exceptions" section).

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