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Application Control "Network Protocols" category in R80.10 Technical Level

Starting R80.10, the Application Control category "Network Protocols" will no longer match the network protocols in the table below.

The following protocols were removed from Application Control R80.10:

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Application Name Risk Service Name
FTP Protocol Medium FTP
DHCP Protocol Very Low bootp
DNS Protocol Very Low domain-tcp, domain-udp
ICAP Very Low icap
IKE Protocol Very Low IKE, IKE_tcp
IMAP Protocol Very Low imap
Jabber Protocol (XMPP) Low jabber
Kerberos Protocol Low Kerberos_v5_TCP
LDAP Protocol Very Low ldap,ldap-udp
NetBIOS Datagram Service Very Low nbdatagram
NetBIOS Name Service Very Low nbname
NetBIOS Session Service Very Low nbsession,netbios-session
NTP Protocol Low  
POP3 Protocol Very Low pop-3
Radius Protocol Low radius, radius-accounting, new-radius, new-radius-accounting
Remote Desktop Protocol High Remote_Desktop_Protocol
RTP Protocol Very Low rtp
RTSP Protocol Very Low rtsp
Server Message Block (SMB) Very Low  
SIC Protocol Very Low SIC-TCP
SIP Protocol Low sip, sip-tcp
SMTP Protocol Medium smtp
SNMP Protocol Low snmp-tcp
SSH Protocol Medium ssh_version_2
SSL Protocol Very Low ssl_v3
SSLv2 Very Low ssl_v2
Syslog Protocol Very Low syslog
Telnet Protocol High telnet
TFTP Protocol Medium tftp
TNS Protocol Low tns


In addition, these apps will no longer match on any of the following risk definitions:

  • Critical Risk
  • High Risk
  • Medium Risk
  • Low Risk
  • Very Low Risk


If you wish to configure access to these protocols, do the following:

  1. Add the matching service to the appropriate rule.

  2. Activate the Protocol Signature option.

  3. Install the policy.


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