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Critical Device "Interface Active Check" on ClusterXL Member reports its state as "problem" Technical Level
  • Output of the "cphaprob state" command shows the state of the member as "Down" or "Active Attention" (instead of "Active" / "Standby").

  • Output of the "cphaprob list" / "cphaprob -l list" command shows that Critical Device "Interface Active Check" reports its state as "problem".

  • Output of the "cphaprob -a if" command shows one of the interfaces as "Inbound: DOWN" or as "Outbound: DOWN".

  • Output of "grep interface /var/log/messages*" command shows that "Interface Active Check" is present.

  • In SmartView Tracker, go to the "Network & Endpoint" tab - right-click on the "Information" column title - click on "Edit Filter..." - select "Specific" - in the "Field:", select "Contains" - in the text enter/paste the cluster_info - click on OK. There displayed logs with events for "Interface Active Check".

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