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"SmartDomain Manager has stopped working." error message when SmartDomain Manager R77.30.02/R77.30.03 crashes while loading local configuration Technical Level
  • When the administrator launches SmartDomain Manager R77.30.02/R77.30.03 to login to Multi-Domain Management Server R77.30, SmartDomain Manager GUI crashes while loading local configuration.
  • Error message displayed: "SmartDomain Manager has stopped working."
  • In some cases, SmartDomain Manager R77.30.02/R77.30.03 GUI just disappears while loading local configuration without any error message.
  • Error from TraceUtil debug: ":cpmi_cmd_status_text ("get_version_details_by_build failed")"
  • Error from fwm debug: "CGetVersionByBuild::HandleRequest: get_version_details_by_build failed"
  • SmartDomain Manager may stop launching in 15% without any error message.

SmartDomain Manager R77.30.02/R77.30.03 is not a supported GUI client for Multi-Domain Security Management R77.30.

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