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Supported file types in R80.x Content Awareness blade Technical Level

The table below describes all supported file types.


File ID: a unique identifier for each file.

File Group: specify to which file group does this file belongs to (see in "File Attributes" data types).

Text / Archive Extraction:

  • Text Extraction: for files, describe if a file can be scanned for content.
  • Archive Extraction: for archives, describe if archive can be extracted for its inner files.

File Type FILE ID File Group Common Extensions Text / Archive Extraction
Zip 1 Archive zip Yes 
(compressed with deflate algorithm)
Microsoft Word 2 Word docx Yes
Microsoft Excel 3 Spreadsheet xlsx Yes
Microsoft PowerPoint 4 Presentation pptx Yes
PDF 101 Viewer pdf Yes
JPEG 103 Image jpg, jpeg  
Executable 105 Executable exe, com, dll, drv,
pif, qts, qtx,
sys, scr, vbx, vxd
GIF 106 Image gif  
PNG Image 107 Image png  
TIFF Image 108 Image tiff  
ASF / Windows Media Video 109 Multimedia asf, wmv, wma  
MP3 audio file 110 Multimedia mp3  
7z Archive 111 Archive 7z  Yes (since R80.20)
Microsoft Access Database 112 Database mdb, accdb Yes
Psion Series 3 Database file 113 Database dbf Yes
DB 114 Database db Yes
Sun Raster bitmap image file 115 Image ras  
BMP Image 116 Image bmp  
XPM Image 117 Image xpm  
PSD - Photoshop image 118 Graphic psd  
Adobe postscript 119 Graphic ps  
DWG - Generic AutoCAD drawing 120 Drawing dwg  
RTF 121 Word rtf Yes
RAR - WinRAR compressed archive 122 Archive rar Yes (since R80.20) 
GZIP 123 Archive gz , tgz , tar.gz Only gzip itself (not inner tar)
Compressed tape archive 124 Archive Tar.z Yes (since R80.20)
BZ2 - bzip2 compressed archive 125 Archive BZ2, TAR.BZ2,
Java archive 126 Archive jar  
Compressed archive file 127 Archive lha, lzh Yes (since R80.20) 
LH archive 128 Archive arc  
FreeArc compressed file 129 Archive arc  
KGB archive 130 Archive kgb  
XZ archive 131 Archive xz  
Windows Registry Data 132 Text reg  
RPM - RedHat Package Manager file 134 Archive rpm  
ARJ archive 135 Archive arj  
BH archive 136 Archive bh  
ZOO archive 137 Archive zoo  
CPIO archive (portable) 138 Archive cpio  
ACE archive 139 Archive ace  
Debian Linux Package 140 Archive deb  
Windows Audio Video 141 Multimedia avi  
Windows Metafile 142 Image wmf  
Real media file 143 Multimedia rm, rv  
Windows Enhanced Metafile 144 Image emf  
Unix Portable BitMap 145 Image pbm, pgm, ppm  
GEM metafile 146 Image gem  
HTML 149 Markup html, xhtml,
phtml, htm
Yes (see comment)
XML 150 Markup xml  
DOC 154 Word doc Yes
PPT 155 Presentation ppt Yes
XLS 156 Spreadsheet xls Yes
SWF - Macromedia Flash 157 Multimedia swf  
MOV - Quicktime Movie 158 Multimedia mov  
MPEG 160 Multimedia mp4, mpeg  
Macromedia Flash Video 161 Multimedia flv  
DWF - Autodesk Design Web Format 162 Drawing dwf  
Matroska Video stream 163 Multimedia mkv  
Java Script 165 Text js  
Cascading Style Sheet 166 Text css  
Wave 167 Multimedia wav  
PAK Compressed archive file 168 Archive pak  
TAR - Tape Archive file 169 Archive tar  
Outlook/Exchange message subheader (MS Office) 170 Email msg, oft  
RFC 822 mail text 171 Email eml  
Microsoft Outlook PST/OST 172 Email pst, ost  
OpenDocument Text 173 Word odt yes
OpenDocument Text Template 174 Word ott yes
OpenDocument Spreadsheet 175 Spreadsheet ods yes
OpenDocument Spreadsheet Template 176 Spreadsheet ots yes
OpenDocument Drawing 177 Drawing odg  
OpenDocument Drawing Template 178 Drawing otg  
OpenDocument Presentation 179 Presentation odp yes
OpenDocument Presentation Template 180 Presentation otp yes
OpenDocument Image 181 Image odi  
OpenDocument Image Template 182 Image oti  
ICO - Windows icons 183 Image ico  
Lotus 1-2-3 184 Spreadsheet wks, wk1, wk2,
wk3, wk4, wk5, 123
DXF - CAD data file 185 Drawing dxf  
HWP - Hangul - South Korean word processor 187 Word hwp yes
ONE - Microsoft OneNote 188 Word one yes
Webp Image 189 Image webp  
Zip (compressed using BZip2) 190 Archive   zip
Zip (compressed using Deflate64) 191 Archive   zip Yes (since R80.20) 
Zip (compressed using LZMA) 192 Archive   zip Yes (since R80.20) 
Zip (compressed using PPMD) 193 Archive  zip Yes (since R80.20) 


HTML files

Content Awareness is not scanning HTML files (for type and content) which downloaded using GET method over HTTP because it could lead to high performance impact.

In order to enable scanning, you need to modify fileapp_parse_html kernel parameter to 1, by running the command fw ctl set int fileapp_parse_html 1 on the Security Gateway. Change will be applied immediately, but will not survive reboot.

For more information on setting kernel parameters including permanent setting see sk26202.

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