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Multi-Queue does not work on 3200 / 5000 / 6000 / 15000 / 23000 appliances when it is enabled for on-board interfaces Technical Level
  • Multi-Queue does not work on 3200 / 5000 / 15000 / 23000 appliances in the following scenario:

    1. MQ is enabled for on-board interfaces (e.g., Mgmt, Sync)
    2. the number of active RX queues was set to either 3 or 4 (with cpmq set rx_num igb <number> command)
    3. appliance was rebooted
  • Output of "cpmq get -a" command shows that the on-board interfaces, on which the Multi-Queue was enabled, stay with status "Pending on".

  • Output of "dmesg" command shows:
    igb: 0000:0b:00.0: igb_validate_option: Invalid RSS - RSS multiqueue receive count value specified (4) using default of 1

  • On-board interfaces remain with 2 queues although configured with 4.

The number of traffic queues is limited by the number of CPU cores and the type of network interface card driver.
The on-board interfaces on these appliances use the igb driver, which supports up to 4 RX queues.
However, the I211 controller on these on-board interfaces supports only up to 2 RX queues.

The number of enabled queues will be the the higher supported by both elements, hardware and driver.

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