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Endpoint Security VPN clients ignoring probing settings configured under Link Selection on Security Gateway Technical Level
  • Endpoint Security VPN clients are ignoring probing settings configured under Link Selection on the Security Gateway.
  • Clients fail to connect or fail to follow the probing mechanism.

"Multiple interface support with redundancy" or ISP redundancy is not supported for Endpoint Security VPN remote access clients. 

Only static Link Selection is supported. This means that if ('Gateway Properties > VPN > Link Selection > "Use a probing method"') is selected, then the setting that will actually apply is (Gateway Properties > VPN > Link Selection > "Always use this IP address" > Main address').

When ISP redundancy is enabled and "Apply settings to VPN traffic" is selected this is also classified as a Probing Method of Link Selection and it will not be applied to Endpoint Security VPN clients.

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