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SmartDomain Manager loads very slowly and might even crash Technical Level
  • SmartDomain Manager loads very slowly.

  • Sometimes, SmartDomain Manager even crashes.

  • Starting the SmartDomain Manager under debug (per sk65430) shows:

    C:\...\PROGRAM> Provider.exe -d
    Segmentation fault
  • Sometimes Windows OS shows the following error after the SmartDomain Manager crash:

    Problem signature:
      Problem Event Name: APPCRASH
      Application Name:         Provider.exe
      Fault Module Name:    StackHash_<XXX>
  • Debug of FWM daemon on MDS (per sk33208) shows in the $MDS_TEMPLATE/log/mds.elg file:

    [MDS ...]@MDSHostName[Date Time] got command :grc-get-data-for-mdg on session 0x...
    [MDS ...]@MDSHostName[Date Time] fwm_cpmi_command_handler: Command set= 
            :type (command) 
            :subject (grc-get-data-for-mdg) 
            :body ( 
                    :table (test-elements) 
    [MDS ...]@MDSHostName[Date Time] cpmi_send_set: session=0x...
            :type (reply) 
            :subject (grc-get-data-for-mdg) 
            :seq (...) 
            :last (true) 
            :status (error) 
            :cpmi_cmd_status_code (-2147467259) 
            :cpmi_cmd_status_text ("Unspecified error")
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