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Cannot activate QoS blade / Policy-Type QoS is greyed out Technical Level
  • In R80.xx: "In order to manage QoS, you must install QoS Security Management Add-On.." error pops up when trying to activate QoS blade on one of the MDS Domain gateway editors after upgrade to R80:

  • In R77.xx: QoS Policy Type is greyed out:


In R77.xx it may occur that the QoS option is greyed out in "Add Policy Type to Package". If a QoS policy should be added to the policy package the following steps will solve this.

Prior to R80, activation of QoS on gateway editor that belongs to specific MDS Domain was done in 2 steps:

  1. Installing the appropriate license on the MDS Domain.
  2. Edit the MDS Domain properties and activating QoS on it.

Starting from R80, this behavior has changed and the need to activate QoS on the MDS Domain was removed.

Sometimes, after upgrade, it is not possible to enable QoS blade on gateway editor that belongs to specific MDS Domain with 'QoS Add-On needs to be installed' error message.

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