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"Internal SSL authentication SSL error [ Unknown ]" error on policy installation failure Technical Level
  • "Internal SSL authentication SSL error [ Unknown ]" SIC error on Policy installation failure for specific gateways.

  • $CPDIR/log/cpd.elg file on the Security Management Server / Domain Management Server shows:

    • fwCA::RevokeCert: Certificate DN "CN=NAME,O=OTHERNAME" with status 'Certificate is in pending-revoke status': rc = Entity referred does not exist in the Certificate Authority.
    • fwCA::RevokeCertsForCN: revoked certificates which were in PENDING status (DN "CN=NAME,O=OTHERNAME")

  • When resetting SIC it fails with: "Failed to retrieve the operating system version. (Untrusted Host) Please make sure Check Point Services are running on GATEWAY, and trust has been established."

  • When testing SIC communication it fails with: "Internal SSL authentication [ Certificate chain is inconsistent.]"

SSL interception is performed before the gateways in question. 

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