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Unable to bypass Skype in HTTPS Inspection policy using a "Category", or a custom "Application/Site" in the rule
  • Bypass of "Skype" (not "Skype for Business") in the HTTPS Inspection policy does not work when using a "Category", or a custom "Application/Site" in the rule.

  • Able to successfully bypass "Skype" when using an "IP", or a "Network" in the HTTPS Inspection rule.


Skype does not use standard SSL / HTTPS, but rather it uses some proprietary encrypted protocol.

As a result, Skype traffic cannot be decrypted by HTTPS Inspection and cannot be bypassed by "Category" / "URL" (e.g., *, *, *, *, since Skype does not provide a SSL certificate, which is the source for FQDN.

As a result, HTTPS Inspection bypass rules for "Skype" can work only based on IP address/range/subnet.

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