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VRRP Backup member on Gaia OS sends BGP traffic to BGP peers Technical Level
  • Traffic capture on VRRP Backup member running on Gaia OS shows that it sends BGP traffic to BGP peers (specifically, BGP "Open" messages).

  • Output of Clish commands "show vrrp" and "show ipv6 vrrp6" on VRRP Backup member shows:

    HostName:0> show vrrp 
    VRRP State
        VRRP Router State: Up
        Flags: On,MonitorFirewall
        Interface enabled: 1
        Virtual routers configured: 1
            In Init state 0
            In Backup state 1
            In Master state 0
  • Output of Clish command "show bgp peers" on VRRP Backup member shows "Active" in the "State" column.

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