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How to resolve Application Control miscategorization Technical Level

Occasionally, you may encounter an application that is being mis-categorized in the Application Control database.

To submit a False Classification for Application Control, collect the following information and open a support ticket with Check Point Support:

  1. Traffic capture on the client machine during the false positive incident.

  2. CPinfo files from the Security Management Server and Security Gateways involved in the case.

  3. Export of all relevant Security Gateway logs:

    • To export logs from SmartView Tracker:

      1. Go to Network & Endpoint tab

      2. Expand Predefined

      3. Expand Network Security Blades

      4. Expand Application and URL Filtering

      5. Double-click on All

      6. Filter for relevant logs (to configure the desired columns, go to View menu - click on Query Properties)

      7. Go to File menu - click on Export...

      8. Browse for export file location.

      9. Click on Save

    • To export logs from SmartLog:

      1. Filter for relevant logs:

        blade:"Application Control"
      2. Go to File menu - go to Export submenu - click on Excel CSV...

      3. Browse for export file location.

      4. Click on Export

  4. Screenshot and full text of each relevant Security Gateway log:

    1. In SmartView Tracker / SmartLog, double-click on each relevant Security Gateway log.

    2. Take a screenshot of the entire log window.

    3. Copy the text of the entire log:

      • In SmartView Tracker:

        Click on the Copy Details icon at the top of the Record Details window
      • In SmartLog:

        Click on the relevant icon (Copy log to clipboard) in the upper right corner of the Log Details window.


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